DigiE-Fund Allocation for FY 2014

The Digitization Empowerment Fund (DigiE-Fund) is a key component of MITHI. The Fund will be a means through which the procurement of office laptop computers and related ICT hardware will be centralized and standardized. To further maximize the benefits of this arrangement, a lease-model has been chosen over a straight purchase.

For FY2014, it has been decided that only laptops (vis. desktop computers) will be leased and provisioned. Based on the analyses of agency submissions to MITHI, we have determined the requirement in your agency and have decided that the laptops will be provisioned for deployment to your office within FY2014.

mithi digiefund

The provisioning of personal computing devices will be done over a period of three years, in order to more accurately determine the actual requirement for each agency, on a year-on-year basis. Desktop PCs will be included in the provisioning for FY2015 and FY2016.

All procurement for the DigiE-Fund will be done through the Procurement Service. This will give the government the benefits of economies of scale, a better bargaining position to negotiate for computers with better specifications and support (e.g. extended warranties, possible insurance against damage or loss, etc.); greater coordination and better distribution of government ICT assets; among others.

Here are the list of DigiEFund Allocation for each department/attached agency/staff bureau:

  1. NGAs
  2. CFAG
  3. SUCs
  4. DepEd


*- Subject to verification

Highlighted in Gray- Zero Allocation= No Submission/Incomplete Submission. Provisioning for 2014 may be reconsidered upon receipt of MITHI of an updated ICT Resources  Inventory as of 2014 on or before March 7, 2014. 


  • Basis for allocation is the submitted of ICT Resources Inventory and Concept Paper to the MITHI Steering Committee last 2013.
  • If the findings are erroneous please email the MITHI Secretariat (secretariat@mithi.gov.ph) or Ms. Alyssa Fernandez (agfernandez@dbm.gov.ph) for verification.



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