The following shall be the MITHI Clusters:

  1. Public Financial Management Cluster
  2. Citizen Frontline Services Delivery Cluster
  3. Ease of Doing Business Cluster
  4. Higher Education Cluster
  5. Basic Education Cluster
  6. Health Cluster
  7. Justice, Peace and Order Cluster
  8. Energy
  9. Land and Other Geospatial Information
  10. Disaster Management and Climate Change Cluster
  11. Public Works and Transport Cluster
  12. iGov and Infrastructure Cluster
  13. Transparency and Citizen’s Participation Cluster
  14. Citizen Registry

Agencies may, by initiative, participate in other Clusters so long as the aforementioned agencies are able to make firm commitments to the Cluster, and such participation will not hamper their performance in the Clusters to which they are primarily assigned. The MITHI Steering Committee shall be informed of such intention, and shall confirm/approve the same.

New Clusters may be created as deemed necessary by the MITHI Steering Committee based on the above stated policies.

Membership – any changes, initially, to the BSC; then, notice and final confirmation by the MSC

The identification of the Clusters are based on the following considerations:

  1.  Constituencies, areas of responsibility and public service delivery;
  2. Short-term and long-term goals;
  3. Common resources;
  4. Identical regulatory rules and structures;
  5. Process flow interdependencies

The identification of the priority programs/projects under each Cluster are based on the following considerations:

  1. Priority programs and projects as identified by the Administration;
  2. Consistency with the Cluster plan and the E-Government Master Plan (EGMP);
  3. Magnitude and degree of impact on the business of government;
  4. Level of maturity/readiness of programs and projects proposed to be undertaken; and,
  5. Other circumstances as the MITHI Steering Committee and the Cluster Steering Committees may deem relevant and controlling.

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